AFFIRMATIVE MIND is born from the fusion of two psychological concepts:  LGBT Affirmative Psychotherapy and the mind. AFFIRMATIVE MIND is proposed as a therapeutic approach to work with LGBTIQ+ people and also as a kind of affirmative mental attitude to develop and empower in non-heteronormative subjects.

Human mind would be described as the whole of cognitive abilities (thought, perception, consciousness, memory, etc.) that makes human kind different from the rest of living species and can be divided into conscious, unconscious and procedure processes. From the beginning, psychology has taken the mind as one of its fundamental study objects.

Affirmative Psychotherapy helps LGBT people to achieve self-acceptance and authenticity to live their sexual orientation and gender identity freely and happily out of the closet. It also helps them to overcome the shame and stigma of internalized LGBT-phobia by growing up in a discriminating and bullying heteronormative society. It considers LGBT people mentally sane and healthy per se and prohibits all types of conversion therapy or any kind of sexual orientation change efforts.