The therapy I offer in AFFIRMATIVE MIND is based on principles such as respect, empathy, cordiality, trust and active listening to create a secure and prejudice free environment that will adapt to your individual needs, rejecting the use of standardized protocols.

The therapy I use combines 3 different approaches: Psychoanalysis, Mindfulness and Affirmative Psychotherapy.


I use PSYCHOANALYSIS through the Brief Dynamic Therapy approach, always face to face, to focus on a reduced number of current conflicts of the person that I have in front of me. My position is neutral, always paying close attention to every detail of the speech and the possible meanings of my client’s words during the session.

Psychoanalysis claims that the behavior always has a purpose and a meaning, even if the subject doesn´t realize or can´t understand it.

Working together we will try to imagine a new way of thinking and new plausible interpretations to deal with problems, making it easier to face them, to solve them, to accept them and to reduce suffering.


MINDFULNESS is the ability to concentrate our attention in the present moment, with openness, loving kindness and without judging our sensations, emotions and thoughts.

By practicing very simple meditations, breathing exercises and yoga movements we’ll improve our self-esteem, emotions regulation and we’ll reduce mental wandering, anxiety and depression.

Mindfulness training will allow us to relate in a new way with our experiences of pain, suffering, stress and sadness.


AFFIRMATIVE PSYCHOLOGY helps LGBT people to live and express their sexual orientation and gender identity out of the closet with freedom and authenticity. It also helps LGBT community to overcome the trauma of INTERNALIZED LGBT-PHOBIA caused by discrimination, bullying and stigma produced by an LGBT-phobic society.

Affirmative Psychology states that LGBTIQ people are mentally healthy and bans any sort of conversion therapy that tries sexual orientation change efforts.